Diet’s don’t work!  Did you know 98% of diets fail to give long-term success?

Welcome to the Sparkle Weight Loss website, where we take a refreshing, non diet approach to weight loss…
Healthy Weight Loss
Learn to say “goodbye” to dieting forever and focus on healthy ways to permanently lose unwanted fat!
Discover a range of solutions to obesity and being overweight, so you can focus on natural weight loss that works best for YOU.
Motivation and Support
Our team of health and fitness professionals have filled this programme with sound advice, hints ‘n’ tips plus great motivation to help you lose weight, keep it off, and feel truly confident.
Low cost
We are proud to offer you amazing value for money.
There’s no sign-up fee or long-term contracts, and your first week is completely free!
You can join in all the exciting features of Sparkle Weight Loss from the comfort of your own home. 

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Our healthy weight loss program will help you to become slim by giving you natural weight loss that works! Our unique website is based on research into long term weight loss, which showed that: 

» 20% of success is from following a healthy eating and exercise plan…but…
» 80% is from feeling positive and having a healthy relationship with food.

Our series of weight loss motivation videos will help you to develop your confidence, and provide motivational, weight management tips.

We offer workout routines for weight loss, featuring exercises to reduce tummy size and lose weight off hips and thighs.

We also combine hypnosis and weight loss, as it has proved to be a powerful tool in dealing with issues, such as how to curb emotional eating.

So, if you want to know how to get a slimmer face and body or how to stay motivated to lose weight, please join us today!

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We’ve got loads of exciting information to share with you in our weight management presentation videos. 

We offer you a different presentation on weight loss each week, featuring topics such as healthy eating and portion control, but also focus on changing negative habits, improving motivation and self-esteem.

If you ever wonder, “how can I motivate myself to lose weight?” then our presentations could be just for you!

We’ll help you understand why your previous attempts to lose weight haven’t given you the long-term results you wanted, but will give you a variety of tips to become slim and weight loss motivational tools to get you totally focused on success.

We also offer daily weight control tips and motivational quotes to lose weight, feel inspired and positive about yourself.  So, please join us today and see what you can achieve!

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We offer you a range of exercise routines for weight loss for women and men, designed by our team of fitness professionals.  Whatever your current level of fitness, we’ve got enjoyable fat busting exercise routines for you 

Our “at home workouts for women and men” feature some of the best exercises to burn calories but require little equipment. So, if you’re interested in the best way to lose weight off thighs, losing weight off hips or how to get slimmer calves, then we’ve a great selection of quick and effective exercise routines waiting just for you!

But it’s not just about how to lose weight off your bum and legs. We’ll also show you how to get slimmer waist and flatter stomach with a 10 minute ab workout.

You’ll also discover how to lose weight off your back and get great looking arms that will be the envy of your friends!  Won’t that be nice?!

So, if you want the best exercise routine to lose weight fast, and have fun whilst you shape up and get the body you dream about, please join us today

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In this key area of our Sparkle Weight Loss program, we are proud to offer hypnosis therapy for weight loss. 

If you wonder, “how can I stop comfort eating?”, want to know how to stop being an emotional eater, or how to gain self esteem and confidence, our series of hypnosis for weight loss mp3 recordings are perfect for you.

Hypnosis and weight loss does it work? Yes!! Many of our members have already proved that you can lose weight by hypnosis – and keep it off!

We feature relaxing weight loss nlp (neuro-linguistic programming) to provide you with great techniques how to keep motivated to lose weight.

With the range of weight management hypnosis recordings within this program, we truly believe that we offer the best hypnosis for weight loss solution.

To get access to a new recording every 2 weeks, please join us today.

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My Progress

We offer you an easy-to-use, online personal progress diary, where you can summarize daily successes or note areas you need to focus on. 


Whether you’ve had a great day or one that wasn’t as good as you hoped, there’s always something to learn from, which can help push you towards your goals.

Every progress you make will confirm that “the non diet diet” approach we use at Sparkle Weight Loss really can give you the results you’ve been searching for.

If you’ve reached a particular goal, we’d love to celebrate that success by putting it on this website. Be proud of what you’ve achieved and share your success story! here at Sparkle Weight

Start progressing to your goals of a fitter, healthier you – please join us today.

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We know weight management can seem challenging, especially if you’re doing it on your own. That’s why we encourage all members to feel part of the Sparkle Weight Loss family, where you can share your thoughts and feelings and encourage other members towards success. 

Our Facebook social networking group is the place to go to chat to other Sparkle Weight Loss members, talk about what you have learnt from the weekly content, or share tips that have helped you to make great steps towards your weight management goals.

The Sparkle Weight Loss group on Facebook is also the place to go to find a Weight Loss Buddy, so you can support each other towards the success you desire. You can also help inspire others by sharing your achievements and supporting those who are still on their journey to success.

Become part of the Sparkle Weight Loss family – please join us today.

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